Executive Director Letter

Laura Blackmore, Puget Sound Partnership
Laura Blackmore, Executive Director, Puget Sound Partnership

Dear partners,

Our second issue of Making Waves features three conversations about Puget Sound recovery, climate change, environmental justice, and infrastructure, and a story about the collaboration and coalition-building of Puget Sound Day on the Hill. We’re launching this issue of the magazine in advance of this year’s online Puget Sound Days on the Hill, a series of events, starting Friday, April 23, and hosted by the Partnership and the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission, that brings together a diverse coalition to advocate for federal investment in salmon recovery and Puget Sound restoration.

For the featured conversations in this issue, I was delighted to speak with three insightful and accomplished people: Governor Jay Inslee; David Troutt, natural resources director with the Nisqually Indian Tribe; and Anji Moraes, senior program officer with Vulcan Inc. We spoke about climate resilience, the interactions between infrastructure and the environment, the deep connections between environmental justice and ecosystem recovery, and why we should be both realistic and optimistic when we think about the work that lies ahead.

Our story about Puget Sound Day on the Hill shows how it has evolved from its early days, when there were only a few participants, to an event that regularly draws attendees from across the region. Puget Sound Day on the Hill is a chance for people to come together to thank our delegation for their stalwart support, discuss policy and funding needs, raise awareness of important issues, get involved in our democracy and get to know others who care about Puget Sound.

This year’s Puget Sound Days on the Hill will be a series of virtual events with members of the Washington congressional delegation, panelists from federal agencies, and special guests. We invite anyone who wants to connect with our delegation and raise their voice in support of salmon recovery or Puget Sound restoration efforts to register for our five-week series of free online events. Puget Sound Days on the Hill are special because of the people who show up, and I encourage you to join us and get involved.


Laura Blackmore

Executive Director,

Puget Sound Partnership