Orca Recovery Day brings people together for collective action

The Southern Resident orcas that call Puget Sound home are critically endangered. For the last few years, Washington Conservation Districts—along with dozens of non-profit and agency partners—have provided folks the chance to take action on this critical issue through Orca Recovery Day. Orca Recovery Day 2020 was a little different. Around 1,160 people participated as […]

Puget Sound is losing its kelp, but there’s a plan to save it

Did you know that some kelp species are among the largest of all seaweeds? And did you know Washington state is home to 22 species of kelp, which means there are more kelp species here than anywhere in the world except for Japan? Or that kelp not only provides a home for many species of […]

Restoring a natural shoreline brings both people and fish back to Bowman Bay

https://youtu.be/nPrN8GY-W00 In 2017, the Northwest Straits Foundation, Skagit Marine Resources Committee, Washington State Parks, and Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group completed a restoration project at the beach at Bowman Bay in Deception Pass State Park. The purpose of the project was to remove a line of large rocks—which is known as rip-rap—from the shoreline and return […]

How our sense of place can help us restore Puget Sound

Puget Sound is a unique place. It’s one of the largest estuaries in the nation, a mix of freshwater from rivers and streams and saltwater from the Pacific. Iconic wildlife species call Puget Sound home: salmon, shellfish, and orcas, among many others. The Puget Sound region offers many options for outdoor recreation, with its mountains, […]

PSAR critical habitat and restoration projects help communities, salmon, and the economy

We’re pleased to announce the Puget Sound Acquisition and Restoration (PSAR) program’s large capital ranked project list for 2021–23. This list includes eight large, regionally significant projects from around Puget Sound that will contribute to salmon recovery. You can view the full list in detail here. This list contains nearly $40M in key habitat projects. […]

Communications Manager Letter

I want to thank you for reading the inaugural issue of Making Waves, the Puget Sound Partnership’s new online magazine. Our goal is to shine a spotlight on the people and work that is bringing us closer to a healthy and vibrant Puget Sound. With a full understanding of the enormity of the task, we […]

Executive Director Letter

Dear partners, We’re pleased to launch the first issue of Making Waves, our new online magazine. Making Waves will focus on stories about the people who are working to protect and recover Puget Sound. The magazine is our way of celebrating the great work that’s happening within the recovery community here. Fittingly, our first issue […]